Restless leg Restless Leg Syndrome, (RLS) is a common medical condition characterised by an uncontrollable urge to move the legs, persistent leg movements during sleep, difficulty in sleeping and abnormal sensation such as tingling, burning and aching. Those who suffer from RLS find ordinary activities, such as car or air travel and sitting in cinemas, almost impossible because they cannot sit still for long periods. The cause of restless leg syndrome (RLS) is unknown but it appears to have multiple causes including damage in vein valves that cause back flow of blood in the legs. Medical research shows that 22% of patients with RLS also have venous insufficiency or valve damage with or without visible varicose veins. The treatment of venous insufficiency in these patients can relieve their symptoms. It is advisable for patients who have persisting symptoms of restlessness in their legs to attend your GP or a vascular surgeon to be evaluated for venous insufficiency with a simple duplex ultrasound scan test.
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