Recurrent Varicose Veins Varicose veins are a progressive condition and new veins appear after any type of treatment. Sometimes they reappear as early recurrence when the correct source of varicose veins had not been treated initially or small veins were missed as often happens during a standard surgical procedure. But usually, the blood is redirected into other veins as the damaged varicose veins are removed and these may become varicose over the years. Following varicose vein surgery involving the groin, newer communications occur within the wound in the groin called neovascularisation and that leads to development of varicose veins. Repeated procedures involving groin wound can lead to complications. Communications can also appear between deep and superficial veins by connecting veins called the perforators that are only visible on a duplex ultrasound scan. Studies report a 60% recurrence following ligation and stripping and 15% after the new minimally invasive EndoVenous procedures. They also avoid initial and repeated groin injury that can lead to complications. It is vital to be assessed by a vascular surgeon and a duplex ultrasound scan before planning a procedure for treatment of recurrent varicose veins.
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