An introduction to Treatment Options At VeinCare the goal in varicose veins treatment is to provide a safe, effective and minimally invasive procedure with an emphasis on cosmetic outcome. An appropriate patient specific treatment is the standard in management. Treatment for varicose veins is of different parts; initially treating the larger inner vein with the reflux and then treating the visible lumpy veins under the skin. Different minimally invasive techniques allow for optimal treatment to be provided at a single admission or at multiple stages thereby ensuring quicker recovery and continuous mobility. These newer techniques can even be offered to patients who had been refused surgery due to age, previous surgery or associated medical conditions. All surgeons may not offer the newer minimally invasive treatments for varicose veins and a good outcome can be obtained from any of these varicose vein operations as long as the procedure is carried out to a good standard. Please note that any opinions provided are that of the author of the website and other surgeons will have their own views that might differ. In clinics across Europe and USA the newer varicose vein treatments are performed in multiple stages at an outpatient setting. However, in Ireland according to current Health & Safety policy and Health insurance company policy, these procedures are performed in an operating theatre and in the hospital setting.
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