Consultation Duplex Ultrasound Scan Planning your Treatment ACP Guidlines in Acrobar Reader PDF format
Consultation Your first consultation is an important stage in the management of your varicose veins. The consultation process involves discussing your symptoms due to varicose veins and your general medical condition that would influence the choice of treatment for your veins. Your legs are then assessed for signs of advanced venous disease such as inflammation or phlebitis, changes in skin and subcutaneous tissue, leg swelling, ulcerations and other signs of skin breakdown. The next step is crucial as you proceed to have a Duplex Ultrasound scan of your veins. This is very important in deciding which operation is the best choice for your condition as the underlying problem in the vein cannot be fully ascertained correctly just by looking at the leg and external appearance of the varicose veins. Treatment is designed for each patient based on the results of the vein test. The management options and the procedure techniques are discussed with you in detail giving you the opportunity to understand the treatment and to discuss the merits of different procedures. The common question I am asked is will my veins come back after treatment and should I wait till later. The veins do not come back after treatment as they are destroyed or removed. However, you can form new veins over the years as you would have a tendency to make veins and this is normal course of the condition. Early stage of the condition favours simpler procedures with better outcome.
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