Vein health and Phlebotonic medication Simple vein health measures include maintaining ideal body weight, regular walks to stimulate calf muscle function and avoid prolonged standing or sitting. Regular wearing of knee length support stockings or full support tights prevent swelling and discomfort. If you have symptoms, graduated compression stockings give a better relief. These medical stockings are tighter around the foot and ankle and the compression decreases as it goes up the leg. This promotes the normal flow of blood up the leg and improves swelling and discomfort. Phlebotonic or Venoactive medications are mostly natural or synthetic chemicals derived from plant extracts. These medications are powerful anti-oxidants and work by stimulating release of chemicals within the walls of the vein to strengthen the circulation, reduce inflammation and fluid collection within the tissues. Phlebotonic medications are not recommended for long- term use. These medications are generally safe. However they can cause undesirable side effects and interact with other prescription medications. Synthetic products such as Calcium Dobesilate, Benzoran and Naftazon are widely used in Europe but restricted in Ireland by Irish Medicines Board. Commonly available natural compounds that are used for Vein Health are Woodruff, Buckwheat, Horse chestnut, Butcher’s Broom, Bilberry, Maidenhair Tree, Maritime Pine, Grape seed extract and Vine leaf extracts. Some of these are restricted in Ireland by Irish Medicines Board.
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