EndoVenous Laser Ablation Endo Venous means inside the vein and the EVLT laser vein treatment occurs inside the vein as opposed to open surgery. With this procedure a single needle puncture replaces the groin surgery and stripping. The refluxing thigh vein is marked before surgery by the surgeon using the ultrasound scan. During the procedure, a needle puncture is made in the lower part of the thigh that allows the surgeon to insert a Laser fibre inside the vein. The Laser vein surgery works by sending very strong bursts of light inside the vein producing intense heat energy that collapses and seals the vein. This avoids the blood from flowing through the faulty vein. Anaesthetic fluid is inserted around the vein to avoid pain during procedure and to avoid heat from damaging the surrounding tissue. There may be minor soreness and bruising after surgery due to inflammation caused by the laser treatment of the vein. An anti- inflammatory medication is usually taken in the first week to minimise the inflammation. Your body gradually absorbs the treated and collapsed vein over a few months. Walking immediately after the procedure is encouraged. Normal daily activity can be resumed as soon as comfortable.
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