Duplex Ultrasound Scan The duplex ultrasound scan is a painless and non-invasive investigation and it takes only a few minutes to perform. The surgeon at your initial consultation will perform the vein scan as part of the examination. The procedure begins with examining your groin area to check the status of the deep vein and the arterial circulation. Then your superficial veins are checked to assess if they had valve damage that causes backpressure to form varicose veins. The examination is then carried down over the bulging veins to see the points of communication with the leaking internal vein. The sites of deep perforating and communicating veins are documented. Identification of the source of the varicose veins accurately enables the specialist to plan appropriate treatment that reduces the risk of future recurrence. The test is usually performed in a standing position that helps to fill the veins. Occasionally it is also performed sitting down or lying on the couch. It is advisable to wear comfortable clothing that would allow easy exposure and avoid moisturisers on the leg on the day of consultation. A water-soluble gel is used during the examination and this is easily washed off and does not stain clothes.
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