Venaseal Glue Procedure VenaSeal™ is an ideal minimally invasive procedure especially for those who are not suitable for surgery and those who need to be on the go as there is no downtime. VenaSeal™ Sapheon Glue Closure is an exciting new procedure that uses a proprietary medical adhesive, to close the thigh vein.  Cyanoacrylate is widely used as a tissue adhesive and as an embolic agent for many years. The VenaSeal™ glue is a non-toxic polymer that sets rapidly and is specially designed for treating veins. This medical glue is injected into diseased vein by a catheter and seals shut the diseased vein, re-routing the blood through healthier veins. This removes the pressure in the bulging superficial veins which then shrink and if necessary can be simply treated with Sclerotherapy a few weeks later. There is no surgery, chemicals or anaesthetic. The procedure is performed as an outpatient and with virtually no recovery time, patients can resume their normal activities immediately. There is no need to wear stocking or bandages after this procedure. (Stockings may be required following Sclerotherapy performed as secondary procedure.)
The VenaSeal™ received CE mark in 2011, and over a thousand patients have been treated in Europe. A randomised controlled trial in the United States is directly comparing efficacy and safety relative to patients receiving EndoVenous thermal ablation and the results are awaited. Early evidence is promising and VenaSeal™ is a significant breakthrough in the treatment of varicose veins. Because, unlike EndoVenous Laser ablation, there is no need for the large doses of local anasethesia with sedation and unlike Foam Sclerotherapy, the long-term results are comparable to the EndoVenous Laser ablation. Not every patient is suitable for the Venaseal™ due to anatomical variations in different individuals. All patients will be assessed by a Duplex ultrasound scan at the time of consultation. As this is a new procedure, the Venaseal™ treatment by Sapheon does not have a procedure code and is not currently covered by medical insurance companies. This procedure however is available as an option to all suitable patients at cost. (PEI Surgical ltd. is the exclusive distributer of VenaSeal™ Sapheon Closure System in Ireland.)
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